january 22, 2022

this whole site is getting remodeled again, so strap the fuck in. i finally learned that apparently it's good practice to have a solid base of html BEFORE going ham with css? crazy concept but i'm better for it

december 27, 2022

finished the index, woop! now i just gotta figure out the portfolio and pretty up my profile :P

Vanillian is a dead media conglomerate.

( vanillian is my body/shield/cross )

My webmaster, Veran Vanillian, sends his regards. :] You've reached the boundaries of my home. I've been on the internet for so long I've figured it's time for me to plant my roots and upload my consciousness somewhere. Only natural, after all. Here you can find a projection of myself and aaalll of the stuff I make for the internet. Lately I've been working on a video game I'm real excited about. You're free to stay for as long as you'd like to try to make sense of this place. Lord knows I've tried. If you ever figure out what Vanillian means for you, give me a ring.