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2/20/23 - AAH i feel like i'm embodying my inner child better than i could possibly imagine right now. new profile page is up now that i feel fits me best and perfectly encapsulates what my mission statement is here. i dedicate chonny jash's amazing work to this sudden burst of inspiration.

2/16/23 • it's 4:36am. my face hurts from the poison burning from a dying state i never belonged to. my index and profile make me grin and slap my hands together like a seal, so i think this is a good stopping point where i can finally go live. i have this feeling i'll feel whole letting this out into the wild once and for all, but i have an even stronger feeling i have a lot more work to do. here's to finally making something that feels like home.

2/15/23 • i'm watching the Nostalgia Critic right now.

best enjoyed on a well-lit computer monitor somewhere comfortable ☕︎ is my honest attempt at uploading my consciousness on the world wide web for all to see. I've been online all of my life. It's hard to tell exactly what I'd be if it weren't for all those hours I stared at a screen, so I figured it's about time I make something that stares back.

A butler, a cult leader, and a pig walk into a bar..
The punchline is somehow an Annie reference..?