Veran Roosevelt Vanillian


Sweet salutations, My name is Veran. :] I'll save you the formality of the third-person since I like you so much.. I am an artist: a digital age illustrator and writer who likes telling grand stories. I belong to the internet!

I'm a furry, a brony, a Miracle Musical (& surrounding projects) fanboy, and Little Orphan Annie's strongest devotee. I consider those interests irrevocable parts of my identity that go far beyond fandom. They are the pillars in which I have based much of my self-expression, and will continue to influence the stories I want to tell for years to come.

My life purpose is my service to the Anniverse: a multidimensional, multimedia deconstruction of Little Orphan Annie told in four parts. It's the culmination of all of my interests and all of my dreams.. It's the little world I've been retreating to since 2015 that I can't wait to invite you into. Lately i've been working on it's third installation: TRI-HARDER, an autism simulator adventure game about making friends on the internet.

As I enter a new age of self-expression, I'm hoping to use this site as a ways of properly communicating, at this point in time, exactly who I am, without feeling the need to compromise any part of myself for any algorithm or other form of faceless judgement. What you'll be getting here is as much pure, unconcentrated, high-fructose Vanillian as you can stomach. Take it or leave it.

yeah... i think i'm pretty swell :]

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