The Anniverse

The Anniverse is an unauthorized deconstruction of Little Orphan Annie, and its subsequent adaptations, told in four parts.

Since 2015, I have been observing a set of anomalous universes that seem to infinitely reflect off of a core.

This knowledge is both my cross and my shield.

📚 Today 2015 A satire of Annie. After losing everything, a former-billionaire must venture with his butler and his daughter's dog to reclaim it all again, all the while discovering what man is if not the sum of his goods.
🎭 Andy 2015 An orphan believes his roots rest in a far-off island erased from history, unwittingly amassing a following of devotees.
🎮 Tri-Harder 2017 An autistic pig centaur searches for validation by forming bonds through special interests and hyperfixations.
🎞️ Andrew II 2016 A weaboo turned mercenary, haunted by his past life of hedonism, embarks on a journey to rid the world of all evil.